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Bridges Palmers Green, London

A dental bridge is used to replace a gap in the mouth from where a tooth or teeth have been removed.

The ability to have a bridge depends on the;

  • size of the gap
  • position of the gap
  • quality of the teeth holding the bridge in place

Bridges are an alternative to implants and dentures and offer a fixed solution. There are two types.

Adhesive Bridge

This type of bridge can be used as a temporary measure as shown in the photographs. It is restoring the gap until implants can be placed.

The adhesive bridge can also be used as a permanent measure when replacing one tooth.


Conventional Bridge

This type of bridge can be made from a variety of materials depending on the length of the bridge and its functional needs.

It is a fixed solution and on average this type of bridge lasts between 7-15 years.

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