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Three more ways stress can worsen your oral health

Last month, we looked at three ways stress can harm your oral health. We saw that stress can cause you to grind your teeth at night, which can weaken your enamel and cause other damage. We also saw that stress can cause smokers to crave nicotine. Finally, we saw that stress can cause you to [...]

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Three ways stress can affect your oral health

Stress is one of the most common problems that we face during our lives. Whether it's stress at work, home or elsewhere, we all feel stressed at some point. It's something that can affect anyone of any age or background. They say that a little bit of stress is a good thing because it forces [...]

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Seven ways to get rid of tooth sensitivity

Sensitive teeth are a common problem that can make eating hot and cold foods unpleasant and even painful. The cause of sensitive teeth is that the enamel gradually wears down over time, which makes the nerves in your teeth closer to the surface. This is why tooth sensitivity occurs more often in older people. Don't [...]

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How to clean and take care of a nightguard

If you grind your teeth at night, then you'll probably need to wear a nightguard. These plastic appliances fit over your teeth and protect them when you grind your teeth during the night. They're an excellent way to prevent any damage done to your teeth by grinding, such as premature wear, sensitivity and fractures. They [...]

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What to do if your braces have broken

Braces are a great way to improve your smile. If you have crooked or wonky teeth, then there's really no better solution than braces. However, did you know that braces can sometimes break? It can happen for a number of reasons. Eating hard foods, getting hit in the mouth while playing contact sports and even [...]

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How to get the perfect smile for your wedding day

Ding! Dong! The sound of wedding bells is in the air. If you're getting married soon, then congratulations! Your wedding day will definitely be one you'll remember for the rest of your life. Wedding days are full of smiles and photographs, so it's normal to feel self-conscious about your teeth as the big day approaches. [...]

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What to do if your baby has teething pain

Most babies start getting teeth within their first year of age, and for many babies, this causes pain and discomfort. In this post, we'll tell you how to spot the signs of teething and what to do if your baby has teething pain. What is teething? Teething is the process whereby your child's teeth emerge [...]

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Dental abscesses: What are they and how can they be avoided?

Dental abscesses are a build-up of pus inside your teeth or gums. They can become quite painful if left untreated. In this post, we'll look at abscesses in more detail, including where they come from, their effects on the body and how they're treated. What is an abscess? An abscess is basically a collection of [...]

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What is the best way to get your teeth whitened?

Teeth whitening is a popular procedure in the UK, with more and more Brits improving their smiles by choosing this procedure. If you're thinking about joining them, then you might be wondering about the best way to do it. So, in this post, we'll look at the best (and worst) ways to whiten your teeth. [...]

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